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You are eager to become an Agent of Innovation but cannot make it to Amsterdam this July? You have to babysit your neighbors parrot, you are a busy-bee at work or you find it difficult to leave sunny Dubai?


Don’t sweat it! You don’t have to miss out on this opportunity to make your vision reality!


You can now join Agents of Innovation from wherever you are in the world, because you can now get full access to the entire program of the Master Training! How? We are offering you the Agents of Innovation E-learning experience by simply and conveniently joining the training online.       


For the exclusive amount of 197 euro, you can join this invaluable Master Training to: convert your ideas and vision into a real-life action plan & to drive change within your career, your organization and your network.

Experience the full value of the Agents of Innovation Training, online! How does it work?


       Plan Your Own Agenda

Decide when you watch the speakers’ presentations – live or in your own time.

       Same Program – Different Location

All you need is a laptop or phone to stream all the sessions of the Master Training.


       Same Content – Different Format

Receive your workbook pdf & join the live coaching every day, along with the other Agents of Innovation.


       Don’t Miss Out on Interactive Talks by Top 


Join the talks and get the opportunity to ask questions, get your answers & receive live feedback!


       Receive the Agents of Innovation Certificate

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Agents of Innovation Master Training